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Commencing May 22/2008, SurvSoft is now known as and under new management. We are committed to providing the same great service and extending the benefits of eSurveys with the addition of many useful features.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns around this transition.

Mark Jeftovic, President,

SurvSoft Survey Solutions

SurvSoft has been developed from the ground up by our in house team to ensure that our solution is not only created to our specifications but also so upgrades and changes can be made quickly. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective.

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced individuals with a passion for what they do and an interest in survey based research. Though the core of our business is providing you with a self service survey software, we have also extended our services to include a full service solution. Our full service solution can cover all components of your survey campaign from start to finish or as much as you require.

If you haven't already done so, take advantage of our no obligation, free survey software or signup for our premium account and see how SurvSoft can help your business develop.

SurvSoft's Software Features:
Randomizable Answer Choices
Randomizable Question Order
Advanced Skip Logic
Advanced Avoid Logic
Delayed Skip Logic
Response Piping
Email Invitations with Reminders
Question Library
Survey Skins
Plus more...

I've been searching around for a good way to create and manage our company surveys for a few days but once I tried this service my search was over. Their service is very intuitive and support is top-notch.
- Richard Reinford

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