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Earn more revenue by offering your visitors something every business needs! Offer your visitors the power of online survey software. With advanced survey logic and an easy to use interface SurvSoft delivers performace and results in minutes. With SurvSoft your visitors can get the feedback needed for them to make informed decisions. SurvSoft requires no installation, no downloads, it is completely hosted on our servers which means your users can access it from anywhere that has internet access. There is no technical knowledge needed.

If you own a website or internet business and you are ready to increase your revenue then SurvSoft's affiliate program is the one for you. With every market needing surveys, the demand for such a service is high. Join our affiliate program and offer your visitors SurvSoft today.

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The Process

With SurvSoft's Online Survey Software affiliate program you can further unleash the revenue potential of your website or internet business. Earn an eye-opening 50% of the monthly value of the license plan your visitor chooses. Our price plans range from $12 to $36/month so you can earn up to $18 per paid referral.

Join our affiliate program, the signup process is quick and easy. Add our links, banners or other creatives to your website, email, and/or newsletter and watch the commissions roll in with each paying customer you refer. Send even more visitors and naturally increase your chances of making even more money.

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SurvSoft's Software Features:
Randomizable Answer Choices
Randomizable Question Order
Advanced Skip Logic
Advanced Avoid Logic
Delayed Skip Logic
Response Piping
Email Invitations with Reminders
Question Library
Survey Skins
Plus more...

Great web program. Survey creation was a breeze, and data summary even easier to understand. Nice clean design of the site, and customer service delivers very prompt service.
- Kurt Wedderburn

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