Analyzing Survey Results

Analyze your results at your convenience with SurvSoft real-time reporting. Reports are available for survey campaigns in graphical format and are also available for download. Do you handle campaigns for clients? If so, our survey software also enables you to create unlimited client accounts and attach their surveys to them enabling clients to view their surveys and also access reporting.  

Experience our survey reporting first hand, create a survey today!

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SurvSoft's Software Features:
Randomizable Answer Choices
Randomizable Question Order
Advanced Skip Logic
Advanced Avoid Logic
Delayed Skip Logic
Response Piping
Email Invitations with Reminders
Question Library
Survey Skins
Plus more...

This software is so easy to use. My survey was up and running and I was already receiving responses in the same day. I will use this software again for my next survey.
- Christopher Loch

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