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Launching your surveys with SurvSoft is far from rocket science. We offer several launch types which fulfill just about any manner you would like to get your surveys taken. Our launch types consist of the following:

Survey Link Generation
  Link generation provides you with a URL to your survey which can be used for various deployment strategies such as e-mail, publishing on your website and print media.

E-mail Survey Invitations
  With e-mail invitations SurvSoft offers you the ability to deploy your surveys to your samples in a fast and effective manner. Create your e-mail list including customized fields for personalization. Create your subject, from line and the content of your email, and then preview then send.

Popup Survey Windows
  Another survey launch type that some users find handy is via popup windows. Simply choose this launch type then you are presented with various options for your popup window including: size, features, button launch, link launch, entrance popup and exit popup.

Surveys Inside Your Webpage
  Choose this option and you will be presented with the code needed to add your survey inside your webpage making it a part of your website, or at least seem that way.

Assign Survey To Employess
  Assign surveys to your employees through our Sub User section enabling them to post your surveys or to call your respondent list via telephone and have them completed. Our Sub User section lets you track and monitor their progress and performance.

With our range of survey launch methods you can take advantage of the ideal type that suits your survey campaign. Create a survey today!

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SurvSoft's Software Features:
Randomizable Answer Choices
Randomizable Question Order
Advanced Skip Logic
Advanced Avoid Logic
Delayed Skip Logic
Response Piping
Email Invitations with Reminders
Question Library
Survey Skins
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I recently started using SurvSoft and have been very impressed with how easy and efficient creating professional surveys can be. Thanks for making a great product!
- Ann Roper

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