What's New For Version 3.0

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Finally, our long anticipated upgrade is almost ready and what an upgrade it is! We have listened to your feedback and have implemented most requested features as well as some that we think you will find very useful and be happy to see. Below are a few of the features that Version 3.0 brings to the table. Enjoy!!!
- Alec and The Team

Invitation Management System with Intelligence 
  Our newly developed email management system is truly a monumental addition to SurvSoft. Here are just a few of the functionality elements:
Advanced List Management
Several Addition & Export Options
Invitation Cloning
Domain Targeting
Domain Avoidance
Quantity Limits
List Segmentation
Suppression Lists
Invitation Reporting
Plus more...
Additional Question Types
  We have added a few more advanced question types for you to utilize in your surveys. With these additions we now have one of the most complete offerings of question types on the Internet. Version 3.0 includes the following question types:
Multiple Choice Menu
Open Ended Summation
Matrix Multiple Choice with Dropdown Menus
Matrix Multiple Choice with Text Boxes
Advanced Survey Logic
  A very exciting set of additions with this upgrade are our more advanced logic additions. We have extended the capability of our current skip logic to include multiple options for each skip as well as the options to skip based on any or all of your answer selections.

We have also added two additional forms of logic which are extensions of the skip logic functionality. These are the Delayed Skip and the Avoid Skip. Also, an advanced Piping system has also been added giving you a tighter grip on your question structure.

More Powerful Survey Options
  With every good online survey software comes an arsenal of options catering to your every need. In our efforts to satisfy your survey needs we have included more survey options giving you more control and flexibility with your online surveys. Here are a few of these features:
Response Limits
Save & Continue Later
Randomize Questions
Randomize Answer Options
Paging Management
Customizable, Drill-Down Survey Reporting
  We have equipped Version 3.0 with several reporting enhancements making our reports a powerful mechanism for analyzing and displaying your survey results. Our reporting upgrades include:
Flash Charts including as Pie, Bar, Column and Line Charts
Chart Customization
Results Filtering
Cross Tabulation
Report Customization
Additional Export Types & Export Customization

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