Survey Samples

Building surveys with SurvSoft is easy. Below are a few survey samples that have been created using our software.

Sample Survey Demonstrating Some of Our Basic Functionality
This survey will demonstrate some of the cool features and different question types available with SurvSoft's Online Survey Software. Instead of actual questions it will feature questions and/or explanations of the features used.
General Customer Satisfaction Survey
This sample survey features one of our survey design templates and displays 5 questions per page.

College Course Evaluation Survey
This survey sample is an example of a college course evaluation which also displays one of our survey design templates.

Employee Opinion Survey
With a professional feel to it this survey design template can be used for various types of surveys. In this example we have used it for an employee opinion survey which it suits well also.

Product Satisfaction Survey
This sample uses a simple but effective survey design template and consists of only a few questions keeping it efficient and effective.

Website User Demographics Survey
This survey covers the basic questions needed by Internet businesses to accurately obtain demographic information from their users. This information is often requested by advertisers or prospective business partners.

SurvSoft's Software Features:
Randomizable Answer Choices
Randomizable Question Order
Advanced Skip Logic
Advanced Avoid Logic
Delayed Skip Logic
Response Piping
Email Invitations with Reminders
Question Library
Survey Skins
Plus more...

I was up and running with a few short minutes. WOW! WOW! WOW! Extremely powerful AND easy to use. SurvSoft, you have made my data collection tasks very managable - Thank you.
- Dean Duplessis

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