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Improving your educational courses takes a bit of learning on the part of the professor. Learning how to make educational courses better requires an evaluation of the course’s strengths and weaknesses as told by the students. With SurvSoft’s online survey software teachers are able to easily collect this data from their students, make their analysis and work towards a better course for future classes.

A popular choice for education professionals, SurvSoft proves to be a cost-effective solution to their data gathering needs. Apart from just the course materials, course evaluation surveys can also be used to aid in evaluating the performance of the teacher. Feedback on the performance of the teacher for the course is sometimes gathered separately as its own as in a professor evaluation survey but is commonly grouped into a course evaluation.

With online survey software course evaluations can be emailed to the students, presented in class on each student’s computer or made available using one computer using SurvSoft’s kiosk style feature.

Simplify your evaluation questionnaires by using our course evaluation templates. With our survey templates you can have your survey up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Learn how to enhance improve the effectiveness of students learning thru course evaluations.

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SurvSoft's Software Features:
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Advanced Avoid Logic
Delayed Skip Logic
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Email Invitations with Reminders
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I have never created a survey using an online method before and was impressed with the easy to use interface that Survsoft provides. Thanks!
- Barbara Epstein

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